A downloadable game

A awful experiment has infected the fruits and now they are killing people who get in there way, the fruit cart shop has been shut down to not let the infected fruits escaped.

you've been hired for night shift for the night to not let the fruits escape.

NOTE that this is a beta game so some bugs maybe in this game.

Install instructions

You need the latest version of flash for the game to work


Five nights at fruitbears.sb2 new file 8 MB

Development log


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whan will it come out?

When i download this it's a .webloc file and is unopenable. Any way to actually play this on windows?

i will make a new file but you will need to download scratch 2 to open it

what is scratch 2? I've never heard of it. I'm looking it up right now but not sure what one is correct.

it has a orange cat face on the icon and here's the link to the download https://scratch.mit.edu/scratc...